powershop participant 

“Through Kristi’s guidance, I’ve not only noticed myself become more aware of my power, potential & possibility, but my boss even had tangible evidence of my growth too. AWE helped me identify and play up my strengths, set stretch goals and stick to them.”


AWEclub Participant

"AWE was exactly what I needed at the time to find focus and feel some momentum. Kristi brought a great group of women together that were very different but could all relate to each other on a deep level. This group was safe and powerful and it was great to connect with others while working on myself!"


Workshop Participant

"When I attended the first meeting of The Academy for Women’s Empowerment (AWE), I had big dreams and a whole lot of fears. AWE provided me with a group of likeminded and inspirational women, an outlet to share ideas, and the support needed to ditch the fears and make those dreams reality."