1. Don’t be a statistic. I give an overview of my research of the top three ways girls/women sabotage themselves from their possible. They figure out which one is their “go to” and then create an action plan to bust it.
  2. Fearbusting. It’s timely with Halloween. ☺ Research shows that 3 out of the top 5 regrets when dying is fear-based. We explore what their fears are, what it means, and how to bust the fears and take action NOW and in the future as a leader.
  3. Got potential? If they have completed their Strengthfinders 2.0, this is an AWEsome POWERshop to explore deeply what their strengths mean to them, their community, and beyond. We also learn more about how to best leverage your strengths and when they are stopping you from being your potential.
  4. #likeagirl. We explore the #likeagirl campaign and what it means to them as leaders and girls. We bring awareness to the limiting beliefs around #likeagirl and turn them into opportunities for girls individually, collectively, and beyond. It’s a powerful one for a girl’s school.
  5.  How do you show up? We explore what presence looks like, sounds like, feels like, and beyond through language (body and spoken). We look into the research of body language and confidence. It can be customized around interviews, networking, owning a room, and other timely events happening.
  6. Everyday LeadHERship. We explore what everyday leadership looks like and how each of them defines herself as a leader. We watch a POWERful TEDtalk that illustrates their POWER as a young woman and how to leverage their POWER for good. Lastly, we identify our own Ordinary Extraordinaries.
  7.  Your topic. I can customize a POWERshop around it. ☺