Doing good, is good for business.

-Richard Branson from Screw Work as Usual.

While in Esteli, Nicaragua in 2011, Kristi finished reading Half the Sky by Kristoff and DuWunn AND met social entrepreneur Janie Boyd. It changed her life. It was then she knew what book she had to write: a book about doing good and making money. Social entrepreneurship is not yet defined by dictionaries. Her travel now had a different purpose: meet and interview young social entrepreneurs around the world. Her first was Ashoka Fellow (LINK) Newey from Bangkok, Thailand, which led her to Ashoka Fellow Lucy Luna in El Salvador. Interviewing her and the young people from the gang-infested communities of Santa Ana inspired Kristi to do something MORE. Before she headed to Costa Rica to interview Lauren, Lucy said, “Kristi, you must come back and help our girls.” She didn’t know how, but they both knew she would.

The research and stories inspired Kristi to create AWE (Academy for Women’s Empowerment) to answer her BIG QUESTION, “Why do AWEsome girls/women shrink in a classroom, community, and world?” 

AWE is a profit social enterprise framed by doing good first and making as much profit as possible to sustain its mission in bridging the confidence and leadership gap.

When you sign up for a course, coaching, trip, and beyond, you are making it possible for AWE to do good for girls in El Salvador (see POWERcamps) AND right here (see MOXIEshop).

Here are Kristi’s favorite reads.

  • Half the Sky
  • Change the World
  • Leaving Microsoft to Change the World