Brave NOT Perfect

An afternoon of fun, games, and empowerment with your daughter, niece, or best little gal pal! 

Research shows we teach girls to be perfect and boys to be brave. Translation: we expect girls to be the impossible and for boys to be their possible with every brave choice they make. This is a problem.

Come away with us to a fun, inviting, and powerful space at Camp Tanadoona to not only pause in your busy world to spend quality time togehter but also to practice being BRAVE together, so that we beat the statistic of "Confidence peaks at 9 for girls."

The POWERcamp willl not only be a memory it will also give you both common language to help you have deeper discussions and tools to support each other in the good, the bad, and the awesome.


"POWERcamp was a great day outside, learning a lot and having fun," Courtnie & Eleanora

"It was very impactful to have the college girls share their stories--I saw my daughter relate." 

Self-reported biggest takeaways:

Everyone has a different version of brave, be happy, brave not perfect, Mugumu ("Brave" in Uganda), "Bossy Lady," there are many ways to be brave, meeting new friends, loved the diversity of leaders, no one is perfect, great to have intergenerational perspectives