MOXIEclub: Mother/Daughter Edition.


MOXIEclub: Mother/Daughter Edition.

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What is MOXIEclub?  It is a safe space for Daughters (and Moms). It is potential. Passion. Presence. It is power. It is fun. It is confidence. It is a place to take up space: physically, intellectually, creatively, passionately together. It is a place of POSSIBLE.


Is it for me? Do you want to feel more confident? Are you tired of being small and quiet? Do you want to speak up more? Are you a creative, innovator, disrupter, leader, or changemaker? If so, MOXIEclub could be for YOU!

MOXIEclub. Each 75 minute block will include powerful learning that will change how you do things + a fun activity to practice what you learned + connecting time to build relationships and community that last a lifetime. MOXIEclub will be at ModernWell-the first Women’s Only Co-working space in MSP.

Field Trips. Will be sprinkled throughout the MOXIEclub to stretch learning, bond relationships, and connect with the community.  They are optional and will be added as we go along. Examples, Lunafest, International Women’s Day leadership conference, documentaries, student shows/work, visits to women empowerment businesses, etc.


18February2018. 1.00-2.15pm PRESENCE. What are you known for? What do you WANT to be known for? We will explore how PRESENCE builds confidence and provides a safety shield against peer pressure, stress, and beyond. We will also identify Potential Blockers and BUST them wide open. Ideal Scene activity.   Next. MEwork: Strengthfinders 2.0

11March2018. 1.00-2.15pm POTENTIAL. It’s International Women’s Day, IWD=I will disrupt. Using the results from Strengthfinders 2.0, we explore your innate strengths and what that means for you in school and your mom too. Lastly, we’ll learn about fear and how to bust it; then, how to live from Brave not Perfect.  Fearbusting activity. Next. MEwork. 

22April2018. 1.00-2.15pm POWER. It’s Equal Pay Day on April 10th. We’ve worked for free so far (compared to men). And there is another Investment Gap: sponsorship. How do I sponsor and invest in other girls/women? Who do I need to sponsor/invest in me? We will also look at win-win-win and middle thinking and explore “Curse of the Good Girl.” Negotiating activity.

MOXIEclub investment. Includes: three 90 minute Club sessions + field trip opportunities + private facebook group + Kristi’s expertise as a teacher/counselor/principal for 20+ years + MEwork activity to prepare you for Club + priceless time with your daughter/mom + MOXIEclub journal.

Cost per pair: $198.00 by January 15th.  $248.00 by January 31st.  $298.00 onwards. If you have an additional daughter, add $98.00.   If pricing is stopping you from signing up, contact