MOXIEclub: Mind the Gap Edition.

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MOXIEclub: Mind the Gap Edition.


What is MOXIEclub?  It is a safe space to incubate your idea or change. It is your potential. Your little girl passion. Self-worth. It is fun. It is confidence. It is a place to know your value and advocate for it. It is where YOU are POSSIBLE.

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Is it for me? Do you want to feel more confident? Are you ready enough to work on your idea? To make change? Are you DONE being quiet/small? Are you ready to get paid what you’re worth?  Do you want to have more MOXIE? If so, MOXIEclub could be for YOU!

MOXIEclub: Mind the Gap edition. Each 90 minute block will include powerful learning that will change how you do things around value, worth, and money + a fun activity to practice what you learned + connecting time to build relationships and community that last a lifetime. MOXIEclub will be at ModernWell-the first Women’s Only Co-working space in MSP.


Field Trips. Will be sprinkled throughout the MOXIEclub to stretch learning, bond relationships, and connect with the community.  They are optional and not included in Investment. Examples, Lunafest, International Women’s Day leadership conference, documentaries, visits to women empowerment businesses, and beyond.


18February2018. 2.30-4.00pm Am I __________enough? Smart enough? Experienced enough? Pretty enough? Thin enough? Research shows that women underestimate their skills v. men who overestimate. Then, women struggle with guilt and shame around not feeling “enough.” Sound like you?  You’ll bust your limiting beliefs around enough along with Strengthfinders 2.0, will understand the difference between guilt and shame,  and will create a Value Proposition to anchor you in MOXIEclub. All of this in a safe group of MOXIE women. Value Proposition activity. (PRE: Strengthfinders 2.0)

11March2018. 2.30-4.00pm Mind the gap. We know there is a Wage Gap (that is next month), but did you know about the Investment Gap? Women are 3x overmentored and 46% less sponsored than men. Mentors make us feel good; sponsors and investors help us do good. This International Women’s Day, you’ll learn the difference and will disrupt the way you’ve always done things. We will dig deep into networking: how it can look/feel different than men AND what we can learn from men. Lastly, we will practice what we’ve learned and sponsor be sponsored by the CLUB. Network Mapping activity.

22April2018. 2.30-4.00pm So far this year, you’ve worked for free. How does that feel? We know women get paid .78 to the dollar of men (less if you are a woman of color). What does that mean in our career and what can we do about it?  Equal Pay Day inspires us to learn about the financial/social consequences of the Wage Gap and what to do about it. We will also practice win-win-win and middle thinking with decisions we are making real time that are aligned to our Value Proposition and lastly create our own video so others can learn from us! Decision making activity + Video.

MOXIEclub investment. SIGN UP/PAY by January 21st and get a FREE BOLSA to anchor the POWER of Women. MOXIE. Includes 3 classes + 1 POWERcoaching session (30+ minutes) + TextBook (Daring Greatly) + Field Trip options + MEwork to prepare you + Community (secret Facebook group +). $498.00

MOXIER. + Includes 3 classes + 3 POWERcoaching session (30+ minutes) + TextBook (Daring Greatly)Field Trip options + MEwork to prepare you + Community (secret Facebook group +). $698.00

MOXIEST. Includes 3 classes + 5 POWERcoaching session (4x30+ minutes + 50 minute MOXIEon session to plan next 90 days) + TextBook (Daring Greatly) + Field Trip options + MEwork to prepare you + Community (secret Facebook group +). $998.00