Are you busy and often feel fearful and isolated in the overwhelm? Do you crave community and purpose? LOVE to learn from others, books, and beyond? Then MOXIEclub was inspired by YOU!


is an unapologetic female empowerment club that integrates a gutsy/inspirational book, research, Kristi’s expertise, group POWERcoaching, and MOXIE (guts) for a platform to learn, connect, be inspired, activate, and unleash YOU. NOW! First book: Daring Greatly by Brene Brown.

Download  MOXIE club Summer 2015 Virtual


As a MOXIEclub member, you will…

  1. create time to connect with YOU and other powerful, like-minded women.
  2. identify your fears, flip them into opportunities through coaching and GUTSY books, and take action to build your confidence and be more purposeful.
  3. spend more time and energy doing what you want to do.