WHY BE AWESOME?                                                                    



Why moxie membership? Because you’re not alone. Corporate executive women in Chicago, high school girls in Denver, or women/girls in El Salvador all feel alone in their indecision, self-doubt, and lack of confidence/self-assurance. Membership will allow you to understand you’re not alone, to connect with AWEsome women of all ages and backgrounds around the world, and to own your power and confidence at work and at home. You will connect easily with the POWERful woman you met at a POWERshop (live or virtual) and continue the conversation. AND, you will get the inside scoop of “How does Kristi ______________?” Travel on $20 a day, connect with social entrepreneurs, moxie her life. Lastly, you will learn more about travel, social entrepreneurship, and owning your power.

MOXIEmembership is like a gym membership for your heart, soul, and mind that will work out your passion, potential, power, and possible to its max in a community that gets YOU! And actually costs less than your monthly coffees, happy hours, or mani/pedi.



Virtual membership (not in Minneapolis/Memphis)  $300 value/$250  $25 monthlystudent 125/15 a month

1. Quarterly webinars on trending topics around travel, (social) entrepreneurship, and empowerment.

2. Access to private, CLOSED facebook community to connect, share, discuss, and invest.

3. Access to MEMBERSonly playground with monthly challenges, inside scoops, and inspiration to own and live the authentic YOU.  www.puttingwomeninpower.com

4. Member pricing on virtual classes/courses.

5. Member pricing on POWERtrips.

6. FREE shipping on MOXIEshop products.

PAY MONTHLY                                   PAY ANNUALLY

VirtualMOXIE Monthly Price Options
VirtualMOXIE Annual Price Options


Virtual + LIVE membership (best for those living in Minneapolis/Memphis).  $480 value/400$40 monthlystudent 240/20 a month.

virtualMOXIE membership +

1. Member pricing for all LIVE events: quarterly POWERshops, MOXIEmixer, International Day of the Girl summit, Equality Day event, and beyond. (x6 minimum a year).

2. FREE POWERhours (x3 minimum a year).

3. Individual POWERsession with Kristi (30 minutes).

Pay Monthly                                   PAY ANNUALLY

LIVEMOXIE Monthly Price Options
LIVEMOXIE Annual Price Options


$1,500 value/$1,000 a year/$150 monthly. Your membership makes the most AWEsome impact. Contact Kristi to discuss more. Limited to 8.

All of the above +

1. Monthly FOUNDING members leadership and accountability group meetups with Kristi.

2. Individual monthly 15 minute mini-moxie sessions. Schedule as needed to boost, lift, support, and unstick.

3. Opportunity to lead/facilitate monthly MOXIEchallenge, Facebook forum, and other innovative ideas to make the membership more member driven. (Optional).

4. POWERgirl gift from a female entrepreneur in every country Kristi visits in 2016.

Pay Monthly                                   Pay Annually

FOUNDING MOXIE Monthly Price Options
FOUNDING MOXIE Annual Price Options