Social entrepreneur, sojourner, albanil, stroyteller, do gooder, and teacher. Founder Kristi lives and breathes "all lives have equal value" and celebrates that with grit and moxie by empowering all to be BraveNotPerfect.


Her muse is planting good, nurturing it, making it AWEsome, and seeing it bloom. 

As an educator for more than 20 years, she saw firsthand awesome girls and women shrink in a classroom and community worldwide. It made her mad enough to quit her six-figure job, travel the world, learn about social entrepreneurship and the GIRLeffect, and start her own social enterprise: AWE (Academy for women's empowerment).

When Kristi is not coaching women, writing, or teaching, she is spreading good around the world in her sized, black duffle bag. Traveling to all seven continents and 60 countries, she has learned the power of empowering. 

Having her M.Ed. in counseling, a coaching certification from an ICF certified program, over 20 years in education, experience as a counselor and principal, she has bravely coached women into living their lives, both professionally and personally, into becoming full of grit, moxie and courage.