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Not sure how to celebrate?
Here are some ideas to get you started!

Better the balance, better the world.

Editor's Note: This post’s main source is the official International Woman’s Day website and has been modified for it to fit AWE’s style and community. If you’d like more details on this year’s theme, click here.


Are you a social media user?

Put your hands out and strike the #BalanceforBetter POSE and make International Women's Day YOUR day - and do what you can to truly make a positive difference for women everywhere. Post your #IWD2019 message on social media with your "hands out" balance pose for a strong call-to-action for others to also help forge a #BalanceforBetter.
You might end up even participating in the IWD 2019 Photo Competition ← Check it out!

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IWD 2019

Are you A Board game lover? Friends-Out Organizer? Party maker?

Turn around to some simple daily games. The more participants, the merrier!

Here’s an example: The Queen Rules Story

A 5 year-old girl asked why Kings are always better than Queens. How to solve it?
Create a new way to play cards where Queens outrank Kings. This International Women's Day Challenge your friends to their fave deck game, and make the queen, the ruler!

Are you a videographer?

Submit your very own #BalanceforBetter video at International Woman´s Day weblink as soon as possible,
and get review and potential inclusion on the official website!!! Ready to submit? All info →Click here

Below, some inspo to get you started, watch some of the IWD 2018 #PressforProgress videos from around the world.
These are our favorite videos from past International Woman’s day.
Videos have been be featured under the preselection on

#BalanceforBetter campaign runs all year long.
It doesn't end on International Women's Day.
So, gather some friends together, and create your own activities and collaboration throughout the year.