A three month personal journey that brings out the best version of you.


The POWERsession is 75 minutes long and explores the POWER in your life and your levels of empowerment.  After exploring your personal power, we dive into your potential by creating a 90 day focus that will drive you into summer.  The experience includes PREwork, the 75 minute session, a summary, customized MEwork that will stretch you between sessions, and individual check ins to support, challenge, and inspire you!  This journey will have you busting fears, challenging saboteurs, and exploring limiting beliefs, so you are ready to cultivate your potential, power, and possibility.

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POWERcoaching will continue to challenge your saboteurs and past limiting beliefs, challenge you to dig deeper into when you felt POWERFUL and transfer those learnings, inspire you to find creativity in your life now and add more in the future, and will tap into the strengths you know you have to bust open your potential and power.

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Transformational results.

When it comes to coaching, I believe we search for an intent listener who is bright, insightful and engaged. Kristi certainly encompasses all of these, but what drives the results from our sessions is her outstanding ability to connect with me – in a way that lets me explore the deeply-rooted road blocks affecting my goals – matched with a sincere dedication to creating a plan to which she holds me accountable. Kathleen

Kristi asks poignant and targeted questions and is a hub of creativity to help unlock new solutions and ways of thinking. She draws on my strengths and allows me to take the reins in creating my own way to a fulfilled life.  Mandy

Kristi is extremely good at what she does; she helps you both identify your goals, and inspires and encourages you to go after them.  She didn’t hesitate to be frank (yet gentle) with me about ways I was impeding my own happiness.  Polly

Kristi is an inspirational teacher and woman.  She makes you think internally about how you can use your powers to move yourself to the next level and affect others in the process.  Kate

Kristi’s enthusiasm and intelligence is inspiring.  But it is her willingness to help move the lives and passions of other women that make her truly stand out as a coach and mentor.  Gina

Kristi Hemmer is a true professional who is empathetic with heart of gold. I trust her more than I trust even those closest to me and reaching out to her has been one of the most valuable investments I have made in my personal and professional development. My time with her has enriched my life – week to week – in a very profound and meaningful way. Hazel

As a strong and independent woman working through a difficult time of transition, I have benefitted from coaching with Kristi much more than I ever thought I would. She is both patient and flexible. And she allows me to grow at a pace that I’m comfortable with, challenging me and/or encouraging me at every step, every hurdle and every win. Kristen

I’d say I’m a pretty outgoing person and I’m happy, so I didn’t really think coaching would make a huge difference, but from my first session with Kristi I realized that there were a lot of things in my life where I was just settling, and Kristi has really helped me to get to the bottom of things that were stopping my from being completely happy. It’s definitely a work in progress, but I’m already excited to conquer some of the barriers in my life with the help of Kristi.  Elise

Kristi has been instrumental in helping me recognize and use the tools I’ve always possessed to make minor changes that have resulted in major and immediate impacts. The decision to invest in “me” is something I’m proud of and would recommend to others 100%.  Lisa

I was extremely stuck in many areas of my life prior to the initial coaching sessions with Kristi.  Kristi took the time to listen without judging; she gave me thought provoking assignments for clarity; and inspired and guided me on how to improve my life.  She was there for me.  I would highly recommend Kristi Hemmer to anyone looking for some major changes in their life.  Lori