Not only do we need to know the facts and share them, but also we need to do something to change these facts.
Here’s some quick UN facts for you on WHY IDGC 2019. This is a REALLY a critical time for the girls of our world.
There are many reasons for IDG even existing, in the video below you can check some of the main ones, 1:23min explain it AWEsomely. Click the gif to go to the video, or click here to watch. We loved it.

What we REALLY REALLY WANT. Click here.

What we REALLY REALLY WANT. Click here.

Here’s an example: Girls’ confidence drops during puberty

MOXIE MAKERS: Claire Shipman, Katty Kay, and Jillellyn Riley; after a research done with Ypulse (here’s a nice summary) explain how puberty kills girls’ confidence and, in an article, they sum up why we need to celebrate IDG:
It’s essential to close the gap, and to do so early, because the long-term effects of these dynamics hurt not only girls, but the women they become, many of whom, within a few years of entering the workforce, experience another confidence drop, and a drop in aspirations.“

So, why IDG? We have the power to change the statistics.

Let's smash the statistic of confidence peaking for girls at 9. Together, let's TAKE UP SPACE.