Be part of the GIRLeffect.

 #IDG2018 FESTIVAL: making the world 90% better.

Sunday, October 7th, 2018, 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM

International Day of the Girl is an official United Nations day to recognize girls’ rights and unique challenges in the world. Join awe inc. for our 6th annual event to celebrate all things girl-no matter what your age. come play, learn and laugh with us at our idg Festival full of girl focused games, food trucks, prizes, music, and friends! be part of the girl effect and celebrate being a girl.

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At IDG, you will 1. Gain more confidence.  2. Learn about the POWER of  GIRLS with games, music, activities.  3. Listen and learn from each other.  4. Honor International Day of the Girl and GIRLS around the world.  5. Have fun!

A sneak peek: SheRockSheRock performances and instrument tryouts + SUPERpowers with Keystone + Careers in Commercial Real Estate with Kimble Co. + Buti Yoga with Synergyoga + Yummy food by Que Tal food truck + Days for Girls activity + Jumproping with MOXIEcamp + Rowing with North Stars + Podcasts +++

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