POWERcourse: Fearbusting. 

Three months of MOXIE. The guts to get over yourself to become yourself.


  1. Own your power.

  2. Build confidence.

  3. Activate your potential.

  4. Be you.

  5. Learn POWERtools to bust limiting beliefs and saboteurs that fester fear.

Class 1

February 28, 7-8.00pmish CST. What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?  POWERtools: fearbusting, owning your feminine power, being seen, and I am enough.

Class 2

 March 20, 7-8.00pmish CST. What does success look like? POWERtools: rehearsing for success, YOUR why v. what, showing up authentic, and numb no more!

Class 3

April 17, 7-8.00pmish CST. What does my MOXIE (fearlessness) look like? POWERtools: disruptive engagement, owning worthy/value, busting saboteurs, flipping limiting beliefs into POWERstatements, and Truth/Daring.

Who should take this POWERcourse?

 If you are sick and tired of letting fear stop you from being your authentic self.  If you are curious to experience what would change if you Dared Greatly. If you would like to have more POWERtools in your toolbox to redefine your life. If you are tired of feeling alone. If you would like to Truth and Dare!

Why now? 

It’s the beginning of another year, it’s cold outside, you are ready [enough] for change, and why not? 

Why Kristi? 

Fearbusting is Kristi’s most popular POWERshop. She understands the POWER of fear and is NOT afraid of it; she will get you there too. She is also able to customize the class to fit your learning style, the group dynamics, and your individual focus. 


 Daring Greatly by Brene Brown.

Now what?

 Buy NOW! Limited to 8 women! Bonus MOIXEsession if you sign up by Vday!

1 STAR (make it a fun star) pack. $498: x3 MEwork, x3 virtual classes (60-75 minutes), weekly checkins, SECRET fb group + resources to inspire, motivate, activate.

2 STAR pack. $698: + x3 individual moxie sessions (30 minutes) with summaries.

3 STAR pack. $998: + anytime access to Kristi via email + mini-moxie sessions (as needed) + 5 individual moxie session.