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Research shows confidence peaks at 9 years old; educator Kristi Hemmer saw it in her classroom/office and started aWe inc. (Academy for Women's Empowerment) to change the numbers.

To celebrate International Women's Day, let's bust that research with an "Unstoppable" POWERshop with Moms and Teens (ages 13-17). We will explore how we are being squished as girls and reclaim our confidence/power by identifying a word to remind us of our power and create a bracelet/necklace to remind us and our moms how POWERFUL we really are. Most importantly, this POWERshop will create a safe space led by school counselor Kristi for Moms and Daughters to continue talking about what really matters.


Investment includes: safe space for teens ages 13-17 and their moms to have meaningful conversations led by Kristi Hemmer (a teacher, counselor, principal for over 20 years) + POWERshop on how to be UNstoppable + materials for bracelet/necklace + light treats.

As always, if pricing is stopping you from signing up contact kristi@puttingwomeninpower.com to create a win-win!