International Women's Day (IWD) in 2016= I Will Disrupt.

Disrupt: to cause (something) to be unable to continue in normal wayI WILL DISRUPT is a mini-con that will question, challenge, and change the "normal way" women and girls have been defined through discussions, community, and mindset shifts.

Let's DISRUPT these factoids: Women make up only 4% of leaders in the C-suite yet 51% of the workforce. Women wait until 100% ready to apply for job, start a business, or even kick a soccer ball while men go at 50%. Confidence peaks at 9 for girls.

Be part of the first IWD2016 mini-con and learn how to disrupt, connect with other disruptors, and activate the disruptor in you.

1-1.15pm. Connect with other Disruptors.

1.15-2.00pm. Panel of Disruptors. Hear from women who are disrupting the way we live, the way we do business, and beyond.

2-2.45pm. Disrupting the WorkPlace. Using our POWER to shake up the way we do business.

2.45-3.45pm. Disrupting BodyImage. Taking back our definition of being a girl/woman in this world.

3.45-4.00pm. Activating the Disruptor. Individually and collectively investing and empowering women/girls and their allies to disrupt our communities.