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Research shows that confidence in girls peaks at nine years old. 

Through the work that AWE has done, it is apparent that at their core, the issues and struggles that women face are the same at any age. No matter if you're a young girl navigating the highs and lows of middle school, or a C-Suite Executive businesswoman, we still see the same crippling effects that society has on girls and women. In the classroom, boardroom, playing field, or office, women and girls shrink, often by force and often due to what society has told them. AWE works in the Corporate world to ensure that some of our most powerful women rediscover their potential, their passion, and their moxie. 

You Choose! - pick a Powershop that works best for your team:

1. The POWER of Presence.

What are you known for? AND more importantly, What do YOU want to be known for? We dig deep (beyond nice and hardworking) to identify your differentiator, explore authenticity (what you say + do + believe matter), own your power, and write your own story based on what YOU want to be known for. You will show up differently from now on.

2. What have you done for WOMEN lately?

There is not only a Gender Pay Gap but a Gender Investment Gap. We need to do more than encourage, we need to invest in women. In this interactive POWERshop, learn the difference between mentor, sponsor, and investor and understand the power of the GIRLeffect in all your circles of influence. It’s not only about giving but asking too.

3. Fearbusting.

Research shows that 3 out of the top 5 regrets when dying is fear-based. We also know that girls are raised to be perfect and boys are raised to be brave. We explore fear and perfection, flip limiting beliefs into POWERbeliefs, and learn tools to bust fears to unleash our passion and potential. Be perfect NO more!

4. Got potential?

After completing Strengthfinders 2.0, this POWERshop explores deeply what your strengths mean to you, your relationships at work and home, and beyond. We also learn more about how to best leverage your strengths and when they are stopping you from being your potential. It’s an opportunity to practice growth v. fixed mindset and unleash your potential.


Why do AWEsome girls and women shrink in a classroom, boardroom, community, and conversation?

AWE designs custom classes and courses for corporations, startups, education, and beyond to not only answer the question but do something about it. Start activating now! 

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