Coaching Workshops

Why do AWEsome girls and women shrink in a classroom, boardroom, community, and conversation? AWE designs custom classes and courses for corporations, startups, education, and beyond to not only answer the question but do something about it. Start activating now!

If you are representing a corporation or organization and you would like to book Kristi for a coaching workshop, please contact Kristi 

If you are an individual who would like to attend a coaching workshop, please check our calendar for upcoming dates

 Don’t be a statistic.

 Men launch a business, apply for a job, and make a decision with confidence when 50% ready. Women? When they feel 100% ready.Stop the madness! Sign up for this 90 minute POWERshop and learn the top three saboteurs women do to stop themselves from their potential, identify YOUR “go to” saboteur, design a plan to find the opportunity in your challenges, and connect with other AWEsome women like yourself. 

Don’t miss out on this transformative experience- here’s what other women have to say: 

“Kristi’s energy, passion, and moxie shine bright! You can’t help but think differently after a ‘Kristi encounter.’”  Yolanda

“It was empowering to see diverse women who are taking steps to conquer fears and challenges.” Erica

“Kristi is empowering and inspiring. Her story combined with exercises and discussion helped get me thinking about my next move.” Lauren

“I learned that I want to be successful and achieve my dreams more than I want to avoid criticism.” Elizabeth


Got moxie? Bust your fears and start living your possibility NOW! Includes MOXIEworkbook and coaching so start fearbusting today!

Fearbusting totally came at the right time in my life-funny how the universe gives you what you need.  Emily

The worst thing that could happen is that you’ll try harder.  Alejandra

Fear is a myth. Overcome and do something. Reuben

I LOVED learning how to flip my fears into opportunities. Susan

Naming the blocks/fears, makes them less powerful. Pamela

Recognizing fear as thoughts only. Caitlin

Go ahead, ask for it. 

Negotiating your power for a raise, promotion, or just plain what YOU want! Includes MOXIEworkbook and coaching so start asking for what you want today!

I thought my inability to assert myself was just a harmless side effect of being quiet, but I’m realizing now negotiatitng for what I want is the only way it’gs going to happen. Devaluing myself and my needs is not necessary. Bethany

At the start of the POWERshop, I realized how little I negotiate. I am learning I don’t have to worry about ruffling feathers, but can talk about a situation and negotiate. Janet