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Changemakers is an entrepreneurial and MOXIE based class to unleash high school girls’ passion, potential, power, and possibility!

Changemakers  integrates research, individual goals, group/individual coaching, entrepreneurialdesign, and hands on application of social enterprise to empower young women as they navigate the world of possibility. 

“Though AWE’s Changemaker course, I have learned the power that both I and other women have. Kristi has helped me idnetify my strengths and has given me the tools I need to be a more confident woman.”  -Nicole, 18

“The Changemaker course taught me how to be confident in being a girl/woman. I am working on my self-esteem using tools I took away from the course.” -Grace, 14    

What can a CHANGEMAKER Expect? She Will:  

  1.  Identify, understand, and leverage her potential (Strengthfinders).

  2.  Figure out her BIG question (purpose) and answer it through social entrepreneurship.

  3. Bust limiting beliefs and saboteurs that stop her from realizing her possible.

  4. Build self-assurance by owning and activating her potential, power, and passion.

  5. Invest in herself and other girls/women intentionally.

  6. Think like an entrepreneur to make decisions, flip challenges into opportunities, and create her own future. 

Other opportunities include:

Field trips (optional)

Download an Info Sheet, or check out a sample of the MEwork (homework) that you’ll be completing at each class!