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MOXIEMAKER #3 : Grandma Bernie

Happy MOXIEmaker Monday!

This week is brought to you by my Grandma Bernie who as my mom said, “was her own woman.” Maybe that’s where I get it from?

She exuded MOXIE. In a time when girls married right out of high school, she earned her teaching certificate and taught at a country school. When widowed at 49, she ran the family farm-getting up at 5am to run the irrigation pipes by herself. And later, she battled cancer and congestive heart failure with grace and dignity.

.Her trademark: Grandma’s finger. When she was right (which was almost always), she’d raise her pointer finger, pause for effect, and say what she had to say. At the annual 4th of July family picnic, she was also known for her lasagna, red Jello fruit-cocktail salad, and caramel bars.

Favorite Grandma Bernie saying: “It’s never a good time to die. Somebody is always busy.” Funny, smart, clever, and frank. Pure MOXIE!

Her favorite prayer: “God, I need you. Carry me when I’m weak. Hold me when I’m tired. Love me when I cannot care anymore. And when I huddle, lonely and afraid, cover me with your strong protective hand. Guard my sleep. And wake me in the morning, rested and strong, and ready to try again.”

She protects me; I call them Grandma Bernie moments. Whether I’m traveling on a crazy Panamanian road or making a big decision, she intervenes and saves me.

Her impact: in the ER when she was dying, she said to me, “Kristi, you’re smart…You’re living your life.” I was in Tokyo and living a good life-but not a great life. Grandma Bernie inspired me to quit a job that did not bring out my possible, travel the world for four years out of a backpack, and start my social business. She is my CEO-from Heaven.

Thanks GB for teaching me to be my “own woman.”