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moxiemaker#2: Amanda Erickson

It’s MOXIEmaker Monday!

Meet Amanda. I’ve known her since she was a junior in high school; she is now a sophomore in college and just launched her first movie Bits and Pieces: a documentation of the creative process between eight strangers. Amanda said, “I used my creative abilities to shine light on those who don’t get noticed/recognized, especially in art.”  For the film, she captured how artists experience art and why it’s important. It’s first showing had over 55 attendees this summer. Check it out and stay tuned as she will find out in December if it was accepted for Sundance!

Her impact (so far).  Her movie has helped break down barriers between art mediums. “When you combine from different backgrounds, something beautiful can happen.” It taught her to work on a long project with somebody else, try something new, and see what I can do with it. “We’ve been told it’s a good reminder you have a lot of power in what you’re creating, who you share it with, and who you make it with.”

Amanda’s motto: “I tell myself, ‘It’s ok to be a little messy because I’ve never been an organized person and always felt I had to be. I’m never going to have it all together. Embrace it in my art and my life.’” This motto reminds Amanda to own herself and her ideas and gives her self-assurance and self-acceptance.  

Her favorite Ted talk:  Brene Brown second one, “Listening to shame.” To her, it’s about accepting shame as something different than guilt. “It’s about separating myself from mistakes I made.”  

Amanda’s fave movie. Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom because it’s focused on the visual v. plot “…which I think is very beautiful.” It taught her that “adolescence isn’t necessarily naiveté. You can do anything no matter how old you are.”

Her fave book. All I Did was Listen by Rachel Awes. It’s a visual book about all the things a therapist learned. You have to take the other things people say and learn from it.  What she’s reading right now? NOT. But her favorite blog is Everyday Feminism because it’s funny and relatable. Serious and light. She likes the balance.

MOXIEmoment. Recently saying good bye to her childhood home. “It sounds small but it’s a coming of age thing for me. Adulthood is among me; I have to pay rent and water.”

What’s one thing you love about yourself? “Self-love. I leaned it this summer and am practicing it.”

And the future? Amanda is starting an art magazine that will allow her and her partner to shine light on more artists, supplement her career, and start an art community center. Her advice to the reader? #1 Never let being afraid of messing up stop you from doing something  you love. #2 Support others, especially women. #3 Sometimes the push is support.

Push away Amanda! We are supporting you! And MOXIEon!

 To contact Amanda about her film or other MOXIE-related topics:

Meet Amanda at IDG2016. It’s her third year of designing the logo.