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POWERshotJune2017: Brave NOT Perfect

Want a BraveNOTPerfect tee like the one I'm wearing?!  Visit our MoxieShop to purchase one !

Want a BraveNOTPerfect tee like the one I'm wearing?! Visit our MoxieShop to purchase one!

Hello! My name is Lucy Dornbach, I’m a college student at the College of Saint Benedict in Minnesota, and I have been interning with AWEinc. for just over a month now…and what a month it has been! In just a short time with Kristi, I have been able to see first-hand what it takes to not only create your own business and put your dreams into action, but also what it takes to sustain that dream, grow that dream, and use that dream to change the lives of women and girls all over the world. 

As a gender studies major and peace studies minor, AWEinc.’s work is something I am passionate about it; it is something I see as not only world-changing, but absolutely crucial in today’s society if we’re striving for an innovative and powerful future (hint hint...women are the answer!:) )From small workshops, to large conferences; from POWERcamps with young girls, to a room full of C-Suite businesswomen, to meetings with past and present Changemakers (aka the boss lady leaders of tomorrow)—because of AWEinc, I’ve had the pleasure of working with and learning from all walks of women who came together with a common goal (whether knowingly or not).

That goal being the practice of Brave NOT Perfect. While that may look different for everyone, here’s what I’ve learned since joining this movement—  PERFECT is impossible, and BRAVE is possible. Brave is freedom, vulnerability, giving out your business card even if you’re shy. Brave is the power of pause, it is agency, it is responding to doubt confidently. Brave is having fears, and taking that leap anyway. BRAVE is AWEsome! 

5 Ways I’ve Become More Brave (And You Can Too): 

  1. It only takes talking through my fears and hesitations to realize just how small or irrational they are! 
  2. Just because I am young (or old) does not mean my voice is not powerful, valuable, or appreciated amongst “professionals.” 
  3. I’ve become more brave by asking questions or asking for help unapologetically. 
  4. I’m learning that Perfect is an illusion that wastes time and energy. Focussing more on unique, creative, “me” ideas makes me Brave.
  5. Brave is taking initiative or taking the first step, accepting feedback, and working from there! Rather than trying to plan everything out or wait until all the details are “perfect” before acting on them, I’ve learned that sometimes just taking that first step will open doors you’d never have thought of! 

Thanks, Lucy for sharing your Brave NOT Perfect moments and working SO hard this summer. Now here are some of my (Kristi's) favorite Brave Resources:

  1. Grit by Angela Duckworth.
  2. Brene Brown’s TEDtalk.
  3. We’re all about bringing other women along—check out my friend Neda Kellogg’s fearless business Project Diva
  4. And we’re partnering with Ellevate for a Brave NOT Perfect POWERshop in MSP on July 20th. 
  5. Lastly, the AWEsome shirt Lucy is wearing is for sale. Proceeds go to our Mother/Daughter POWERcamps in MSP. 

Our MOXIEchallenge this month is Feel the FEAR and do it anyway! Report back to be entered in a drawing for a FREE MOXIEbag.

Until next time, MOXIEon. Kristi and Lucy



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