So what does MOXIE mean? I get that question all the time (from those with enough MOXIE to ask that is). According to Webster, it is “energy, pep, courage, determination.” It also means guts, pluck, initiative, bold, sass, and spunk.

What is a MOXIEmaker? It’s a word I made up to mean somebody who has the guts and determination to inspire others to take initiative, be bold, and show their inner sass.

Each week, I will honor a MOXIEmaker in my neighborhood. Which after traveling 60 countries and all 7 continents over the past 20+ years means the world. So, pack your bag and come away with me. Meet MOXIEmakers around the world who have the guts to make good happen and hopefully will inspire you to MOXIEon too!


First up, my niece Jill. She started school as a 7th grader last week and said her MOXIEmoment was when she introduced herself to the new girl Kara. She said she didn’t want her to feel alone anymore; she wanted her to feel “comfortable.” Jill said that since she was being nice, she inspired other girls to be nice to Kara too. “When one person is nice, you might make the whole world nice to you.”

Jill’s motto is: “Whatever you do, whether you’re good or bad, give it a try.” She said that she was reminded of this at Special Olympics softball. At the first practice, she couldn’t catch the ball and was smashed in the face. The next week, she showed up ready and was “a little bit” better.

Her challenge into an opportunity: “I’ve done that lots of times,” she said. Her example was when she shared a secret with somebody, and that girl told everybody else. She said she learned that “it doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks” because she wanted to show them who she really is! Now that’s MOXIE!

Her favorite quote is: “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.” FDR because “there are a lot of things to fear and fear can make you scared when it’s really not scary.”

Jill’s favorite book is: the Nancy Drew series because “Nancy never gives up!” Right now, she is reading about Madame Curie and Rosa Parks.

Who does Jill look up to? Her teachers because “I know their gift of knowledge is great.” She also looks up to people who are nice to her and Lucille Ball because “even though people were mean to her, she was still a great sensation.”

And the future? Jill wants to be a nurse or doctor, so she can help people and make them feel more comfortable.

Her advice to the reader? Have perseverance.

Spoken like a true MOXIEmaker! Love you Jill forever and always!