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So what does MOXIE mean? I get that question all the time (from those with enough MOXIE to ask that is). According to Webster, it is “energy, pep, courage, determination.” It also means guts, pluck, initiative, bold, sass, and spunk. 

What is a MOXIEmaker? It’s a word I made up to mean somebody who has the guts and determination to inspire others to take initiative, be bold, and show their inner sass. A woman with the guts to be herself.

Each month, I will honor a MOXIEmaker in my neighborhood. Which after traveling 60 countries and all 7 continents over the past 20+ years means the world. So, pack your bag and come away with me. Meet MOXIEmakers around the world who have the guts to make good happen and hopefully will inspire you to MOXIEon too!

Selemat Datang. Welcome from Indonesia. My happy place. MOXIEmaker Aprile Denise not only contributes to my happy place when I’m in Bali but also to thousands of children and teachers in Indonesia. A native of New Zealand, she knows literacy. After teaching 30+ years at international schools in Indonesia, she wanted to “reach out in a small way.” 

The reading program she developed five years ago with her team of Indonesian writers, illustrators, and educators is in 13,000 schools around 9 provinces. Her small grew BIG fast. Room to Read and USAID have turned to Aprile and her team to transform literacy in Indonesia. She is turning hundreds of thousands of children into readers and leaders and their teachers into learners. She has now spent 3 years with the foundation Yayasan Literasi Anak Indonesia and 30 years in Indonesia. 

Aprile’s motto. A reading child becomes a learning adult. The love of reading as a child opens up worlds. 

Her MOXIEST thing so far.“Going into one of our new libraries and seeing kids with so much delight who can’t wait to get inside. Seeing the joy in their faces is enough to keep going the rest of my life.”

Her favorite TEDx. “Ken Robinson’s on creativity because it speaks to my heart. He inspires me to look inside myself, tap my own creativity and forge a path that is new in this country. There is no guide-it’s the first time being done.”

Who does Aprile look up to? Sir Francis of Assisi, Thomas Merton and Thich Naht anh. These are some of her favorite Mystics and Wisdom Teachers.

Her favorite book. The Little Prince. “It’s a children’s story and not. It is full of wisdom. The essential comes from the heart.” 

Aprile’s next MOXIEmove. She is making key decisions about what she’s going to do next with her hotel in Ubud, Alam Sari. She wants Alam Sari to be known as THE place of learning, a place to be creative and a place to find wellness. 

Her advice to you. “Really believe that what you see in front of you is not necessarily all there is. We tend to think in our small worlds; trust your bigger mind. It is not the total of your life; we are connected to a much bigger wisdom.”

Support Aprile.  1.  Like Alam Sari’s facebook page.   2. Plan a retreat, attend a retreat or connect her with somebody interested in running a retreat in Bali.

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