Photo: Sunday Night Football.

While watching teamUSA win Monday night in the World Cup, I was distracted by the patch on their arms Live Your Goals.  It is a campaign to encourage girls and women to play, participate, and stay in the game. Timely, as my boyfriend is encouraging me to play on his Sunday night team.

It has NEVER been a goal of mine to play football (soccer), but it is a goal to play an international team sport, add more fitness in my life, spend more time with my boyfriend, and use my strength competition for fun. Win-win-win-win.

For #ToDoTuesday, I challenge YOU to #LiveYourGoals. Right now! Identify a goal (old or new/fancy or plain/big or small), make a decision ToDo it, and take a first step to LIVE it  in the next 24 hours. I’ll continue to watch teamUSA, so I can understand offsides more before I play. And (of course) I will need to find PINK knee socks before I take the field.

I’d LOVE to hear how you will #LiveYourGoal. Post your goal, action, and result for a chance to win a pair of matching PINK knee socks.

And if you are craving community and purpose around your #LiveYourGoal, MOXIEclub launches LIVE at the end of the month and VIRTUAL in July. It’s a FUN and PURPOSEFUL summer club with GUTS!

Lastly, if you need a blast of PASSION, listen to me live on WJOL with the Flash Girls, Sunday the 14th at 8am to hear how to ignite and leverage your PASSION into POWER.

Until next time, MOXIEon! Kristi Hemmer

Founder/MOXIEmaker at AWE (Academy for Women’s Empowerment)