“Kristi, you work too much,” the owner of the hostel Mopelia says as he walks by my terrace.

He doesn’t know that at the time I am online shopping for a purple dress for my sister Heidi’s wedding. Nonetheless, he’s right. I change into my bikini and head to the pool.

I meet Liz who recruits experts in the Commonwealth (similar to United Nations she tells me) in areas such as gender. We talk about how gender equality/equity permeate all aspects of what she does. And I think, Wouldn’t it be cool for her to recruit me as an expert? It is something to add to my list. MORE work.

In my research with young social entrepreneurs, hard work was a definite top 10 theme. To me, hard work tips your passion from a good idea to doing good things.

What’s on my mind today? Creating metrics for an upcoming course. Social media posts and blogs. Curriculum for my upcoming Changemaker Course. A flyer for that course. Getting people excited for the International Women’s Day events planned on March 3 and 9th. Making sure everything is ready for the two Awesome Women Entrepreneur courses launching the last week of March. Doing more research of properties for the next POWERtrip to El Salvador at the end of July. And figuring out how to connect with Liz to create an opportunity for me to help her at an international level.

Hard work pays off. And it doesn’t feel so hard when you have the sound of the ocean, perfect sunsets, the beach/pool footsteps away, and live salsa music to keep you company.