AWEntrepreneurs POWERcourse, New Year edition: January, February, and March.

During this three month POWERcourse, you will feel ready and be ready to make your idea reality, feel more sure about yourself and decisions, spend more time and energy doing what you want to do, worry less what others think, and build a toolbox of resources, ideas, accountability, and community to launch YOU and your idea! 





AWEntrepreneurs is for…

1. creatives who are ready enough to play, experiment, and launch an idea from little girlhood or from right NOW!
2. women who invest in themselves, other women, and the world.
3. entrepreneurial minds who want to be challenged, inspired, and learned in a like-minded community of innovatives.
4. leaders who want to stop underestimating their skills, stop being afraid, and start being their authentic powerful selves!
5. learners, dreamers, magicmakers, disruptors, entrepreneurs, creators, and activators.


• x3 live classes 2-3 hours  each (topics include: 
   strength building, fearbusting, presence, negotiation, self-care, passion, power, pitching, building a team, connecting.
• x3 individual POWERcoaching sessions with Kristi.
• x9 live office hours
• a community of like-minded women to support, connect, and make you accountable.
• weekly checkins.
• x1 MOXIEon session with Kristi after graduation to track progress.
• AWE’s community of entrepreneurs, women, and  POWERful connections.


AWEntrepreneurs is exactly what I needed to motivate and inspire me to turn my intentions into actions.  Kristi's leadership and knowledge, coupled with the enthusiasm and wisdom of like-minded woman creates the environment for ideas to flow and fears to be lifted.  I recommend AWEntrepreneurs to anyone committed to jumpstarting their path to success.-Kathleen.


I was a member of Kristi's AWEntrepreneurs class and it entirely changed how I view myself and my place in the world. Before working with Kristi, I had a lot of ideas, but never viewed myself as an entrepreneur. "What? Me? No, I can't do that.!" Kristi helped me take my ideas and vision and turn it into a business. Being part of a group was powerful because we had the opportunity to share our ideas and get feedback and support from each other. We had a common dream and a lot of exploring to do, so having that connection meant a lot. Vine Times wouldn't be a real business today without my experience with AWE.  Stephanie

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