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Change in 90 days.

Research shows that change can happen in just 90 days. With POWERcoaching, we dig deep into What you want to be known for, Brave NOT Perfect, and identify a POWERfocus for the next three months.


Learn and apply your five innate strengths from Strengthfinder 2.0 via your POWERfocus and coaching. Identify and bust saboteurs that stop you from your potential at work, home, play, and by yourself.


Learn about the personal power stages and where you are. Measure your individual POWERfocus: pivot or persist. Identify and smash the limiting messages around power, embrace your power, and then learn tips to navigate your power.


Rehearse for Success v. Tragedy and map out action items to unstick you, so you can make decisions more readily and that serve you.

The Impact: all 6 women changed jobs, 2 were noticed by their bosses, and 2 changed relationships.

In the past 3 months I have seen myself and the other participants grow exponentially. It has been an amazing experience. I started the class feeling very stuck and not even knowing the important questions to ask myself. Kristi cultivates a group of compassionate, intelligent, wonderful women who support each other. I felt empowered to quit my part time job, say yes to myself, sign up for a trip to Colombia, and to switch careers. I am SO grateful for this experience. -Anna

I am in control of my present.Understanding my present situation more, I make better decisions. Understanding the things that distract/detract me, helps me avoid and fight those outside or inside messages. -Jackie